Posted on Jun 12, 2021

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Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Dental Implants?

Dentures are another option that you can consider when replacing your teeth. There are two ways of installing traditional dentures.

The first one, a cosmetic dentist America Fork removes the natural teeth, and you will require to stay for around 12 weeks to allow your gums to heal before replace your teeth.

The other method is the primary method, where the natural teeth are removed and immediately replaced with dentures. That way, you will not have to stay without teeth for a couple of weeks, and it also reduces the shrinking of the gums and the bones.

Before, dentures used to get fixed with an adhesive substance, and you could remove them for cleaning.

Today, an American Fork cosmetic dentist can fix dentures on top of the dental implants so that they do not move. The method is better than the traditional placement of dentures because it offers a permanent solution. The procedure is also pricier than the conventional method but cheaper than getting the entire dental implant procedure.

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