Posted on Jun 14, 2021

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Why Are My Teeth Rotting and Breaking?

Tooth decay is the primary cause of your teeth rotting and breaking. When plaque forms on the tooth's surface, it produces acid, which dissolves your enamel causing the holes to form. After a while, the plaques cause dental cavities, gum diseases, and dental abscesses.

Before you lose any more of your teeth, you need to visit a dental clinic American Fork to prevent any more tooth declare and try to recover the lost teeth. If you stay with decayed teeth for a more extended period, it will cost you your health which will be more expensive to treat.

The American Fork cosmetics dentist will check how far the decay has spread to your teeth using an x-ray. After that, he will bring in treatment and restoration measures to restore your smile. The good thing about the tooth decay treatment is that it does not take over three visits to the dentist to treat the decay.

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